Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle might come with less worry when choosing a certified model. Page Toyota in Southfield, MI maintains an eye-catching inventory of certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles, and the features provided by the manufacturer set CPO models far apart from the typical used car.

Certification requirements include mileage limitations, as these vehicles must have less than 85,000 miles to qualify. The vehicles can't be more than seven years old and must pass a massive multipoint inspection. When inspections reveal problems, a technician commences on addressing the problem. And yes, the models come with a basic warranty and a powertrain one.

Other features add to the intriguing value of a Toyota CPO model. Roadside assistance and a three-month satellite radio subscription reflect some additional benefits. And don't forget to check the many different models available as CPO deals. Contact our dealership in Southfield, MI for more information. Please feel free to inquire about taking a Toyota CPO model on a test drive.