Why Bother with a Backup Camera?

At Page Toyota, we understand that new technology can be confusing. New gadgets are all well and good, but there shouldn't be any that you have to use, right? However, the government seems to disagree - that's why they've mandated that new vehicles under 10,000 pounds must be outfitted with backup cameras.

What is a backup camera? Well, these handy devices are used to show you exactly what's behind your vehicle while you're backing out from somewhere. If you ever worry while reversing your vehicle, backup cameras could help change that. They work by running a signal from a wide-angle lens to a screen on your dashboard, which will show you a live video of what's behind your car. This image includes the area you can't normally see, like the area under your rear windows and trunk.

Backup cameras are easy to use and well worth trying. If you can't imagine what they're like, come visit us in Southfield, MI for a test drive soon!

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