Discover Toyota 86's Interior

The Toyota 86 sports car is very popular in our Southfield, MI showroom. We like how it looks, feels and drives. In this Page Toyota blog post, we highlight the 86's interior.

Toyota revolves its 86's interior around you, the driver. When you sit behind its steering wheel, you will notice the 86's easily accessible Display Audio System. Through this touchscreen interface, you can access turn-by-turn directions, 100,000 radio stations via Aha Radio and other trip-supporting apps. If you simply want to listen to your favorite jams, your Toyota 86 will engage with your iPod.

When you gaze upon the Toyota 86's steering wheel, you will notice its small diameter. This feature provides greater control than the larger units you find in typical cars. As you drive, you can also easily manage the 86's audio output through ergonomically placed dials on this steering wheel. While talk radio suits some drives, others demand a persistent beat. Your Toyota 86's steering wheel nobs let you effortlessly switch.

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