Jump into a New Toyota Yaris

When talking about the best and brightest stars in the automotive world, the Toyota name often comes up. People flock to Toyota for the dependability, value, and the resale value of these quality vehicles. At Page Toyota, we are very proud to carry a large selection of Toyota Yaris models in Southfield, MI. There are many reasons to check out a Yaris, and the technology package included on every new model is one excellent reason.

The Yaris comes standard with a Bluetooth enabled voice, phone, and navigation system. The navigation system is tied into your phone maps unless you opt for an upgrade option. The system is fully compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, and other electronics. Both Apple's iOS and Google Android are also available in the Toyota Yaris. A new feature is the ability to use the voice commands on your phone to alter or give commands relating to your vehicle.

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