Be Amazed by the Performance and Handling in Toyota's GR Supra Cars

Toyota recently introduced their lineup of GR Supra sports cars. The low-profile vehicles closely resemble athletic cars offered at much higher prices. See the cars at our Southfield, MI Page Toyota facility. Ask about trying a GR Supra on the open road.

The Toyota GR Supra is designed to have the ideal weight balance. The engine and transmission are positioned as low as possible to create a low center of gravity. The engine is also strategically located to ensure that the majority of the vehicle's mass is in the center. In this way, the vehicle has optimal handling.

The wide, low profile of the vehicle ensures enhanced stability. The variable suspension has sensors that continually monitor the road. Thus, the shock absorbers loosen or tighten as needed. The brakes are high performance. The front calipers contain four pistons that combine efforts with the vented disc rotors to provide firm braking action.

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