Safety Features Packed in the Toyota Corolla iM

Here are a few safety features in the new Toyota Corolla iM hatchback.

One very helpful feature in the new Toyota Corolla iM is the rear-view camera system. Activated as you shift your vehicle into reverse, the console screen now turns into the lens of a camera and will give you a panoramic view of all the things moving and not moving that are directly behind your vehicle.

The way that your new Toyota Corolla iM is going to help keep you safe on the road is by utilizing lane-keeping radar technology to scan the highway and determine if your vehicle is drifting. When the car slowly leaves the lane lines, the driver will begin to feel the steering wheel vibrate as a warning.

If you stop on over to Page Toyota today, you have the chance to take the Toyota Corolla iM on the road and test drive all these features and more.

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