New Toyota Avalon Equipped with These Safety Features

Why are so many drivers making the switch to the Toyota Avalon full-size sedan? Take a closer look at some of the safety features, and the answer will be crystal clear.

The Toyota Avalon is making driving on the highways a lot easier and safer. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system allows drivers to set their speed and simply drive. If another vehicle is detected driving in the same lane but slower in front of you, the system slows the car down safely until clear, then speeds up to the desired speed.

At night, the Avalon has the Automatic High Beams system to help make driving easier and safer too. If the coast is clear, the system toggles to high beams. When any vehicle is detected either in your lane or oncoming traffic, the system toggles to the low beam.

You can come by Page Toyota and take out the Avalon for a test drive today!



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