Breathe Easy with Clean Air Filters in Your Vehicle

Having clean air in your vehicle cabin area allows everyone there to breathe easily, and having clean air in the engine area allows your vehicle to breathe easily, too. Air filters aid in this process by capturing particles and other contaminants from the air before they enter your lungs or the engine components.

The climate control system uses a filter to block small particles like dust, mold spores, and pollen from circulating around the cabin, enabling everyone to partake of pleasant air that is healthy. The air filter in the engine will typically be a combination of a foam breather and a pleated paper element that removes harmful contaminants from the air as it leaves the positive crankcase ventilation valve.

Bring your vehicle in to Page Toyota to have your air filters examined in order to ensure that your drive around Southfield is a pleasant and trouble-free experience. We can also provide any other services you may need.



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