Toyota Research Institute Exhibits Autonomous Vehicle Platforms

Recently, the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) shared a video that highlights the Guardian and Chauffeur autonomous vehicle platforms, demonstrating four different examples of this state-of-the-art technology.

Showcasing the advances TRI has made with Platform 2.1, the advanced safety research vehicle, the video kicks off by showing two examples of the Chauffeur system and finishes with two of the Guardian system. Platform 2.1 is unique in that it's capable of testing both systems with one vehicle, by the use of a shared sensor stack and software.

Chauffeur evaluates SAE Level 4/5 autonomous driving, testing the vehicle's ability to detect unexpected objects in its path, maneuver around impediments, sense nearby vehicles and adapt to these situations while driving itself along a closed course.

The Guardian clips detailed how the system protects both the vehicle and its occupants if the driver doesn't react to a potentially dangerous situation. The system also tracks the driver's eyes for indications of sleepy or distracted driving, and can take control the vehicle if required.

Here at Page Toyota, we're excited to see Toyota working on developing technologies that will make driving even safer. To meet with a member of our team and examine our inventory of Toyota vehicles, visit our showroom at 21262 Telegraph Road in Southfield.

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