Toyota Opens Doors to New Texas Headquarters

As a part of the automaker's commitment to promoting the development of the American auto industry, Toyota has promised a $10 billion investment. A portion of those funds was allocated to recently opening its new North American Headquarters in Plano, Texas. This asset is projected to add more than 4,000 jobs in the area by the end of the year.

Approximately $1 billion has already been invested into the new Texas Toyota Headquarters alone, and the campus is expected to span over 100 acres. Members from different Toyota facilities, including those in Kentucky and California, will also be migrated over to the new building. With teams from different sectors housed under the same roof, the likely outcome will be "greater collaboration, innovation, and faster decision making" as suggested by the CEO of Toyota Motor North America, Inc. This transition is projected to last through December.

With this new foundation, the future for Toyota here in the U.S. looks bright, and our team at Page Toyota is excited to see what innovations come out of this recent development.

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