Sustainability a Key Component of New Toyota North American Headquarters

Have you heard? This month marked the grand opening of the new Toyota North American Headquarters in Texas! This establishment was built by allocating $1 billion of the $10 billion investment the automaker promised to make over the next five years. This will prove most advantageous for both the American automotive industry and jobs market because it is estimated that 4,000 jobs will be created as a result! And to make things even better, the HQ itself puts sustainability at the forefront.

Built with U.S. Green Building Council guidelines in mind, Toyota hopes its new establishment will earn a LEED Platinum certification. In order to demonstrate its commitment to eco-conscious business practices, the building is sustained with renewable energy. For instance, there are over 20 thousand 8.79-megawatt solar panels implemented into its structure. These panels are projected to generate up to 33-percent of the compound's daily electric needs. It will draw a portion of its power from local wind farms as well, reducing reliance on limited resources. Not to mention, the surrounding landscape was also designed with drought-resistant plants that are native to the area, protecting the sanctity of the land. For irrigation purposes, there is even a rainwater harvesting system that can collect up to 400,000 gallons of water.

Factor all these advanced features into its composition, and it is easy to see that the new Toyota HQ is as good for the people as it is for the environment. This is but one reason why we are proud to call ourselves a Toyota dealership here at Page Toyota.

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