Driving that Promotes Better Fuel Efficiency with Your Toyota Hybrid Car

Buying a new Toyota hybrid car is just the first step to saving more money with every mile traveled. There are also best practices you can implement as you drive to increase fuel efficiency as well. Below are some examples of how you can get around Southfield, Michigan, and beyond with fewer stops at the gas station.

The benefit of a hybrid car is that it utilizes both gas and electric power. The trick is knowing when and how to put this energy to use. In specific, there is a technique known as Pulse and Glide that will help you make the most of your model's power supply. You just have to accelerate gradually, and once you achieve your desired speed, maintain a gliding motion. Under speeds of 42 MPH, this will kick in the electric source. Gentle braking will also prompt regenerative braking to charge the battery with less fuel consumption.

Last but not least, every new Toyota hybrid car is equipped with an Eco driving mode. When activated, this feature will monitor driving input and adjust torque accordingly to maximize mileage using electric power. Of course, it is important to remember that other factors will affect the efficacy of this technology, so be sure to learn how the feature works by reading your owner's manual or discussing this feature with one of the specialists at Page Toyota.

For more ways to maintain efficiency on your tips, watch the following video:

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